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Advantages of Having a VPN

You add a new layer of protection to your online activities when you subscribe to a VPN. With this encrypted layer of protection, it separates you from the traffic and third parties with malicious attempts.

The advantages of having a VPN in your home, is that it does not only protect you from threats but it also offers you access to unavailable content. Here are open discussions on installing a VPN in your home and why you need it now. Learn more...

Threats Abroad

It is difficult to discern potential malicious attacks when you are in public. In case you are a café, how can you tell whether the Wi-Fi is legitimate? This is unlikely when you have posted your SSID in another place. In order to get users to connect to their access points, the attackers use familiar names to capture the attention of unknowing victims.

When you login, you give the attackers to all your information after performing a man-in-the-middle attack. Even though you might think this information might be miscellaneous, it might contain information related to bank accounts and login information among many.

Instead of tricking people to connect to their networks, other attackers depend on gaining access to your smartphone and computer. A number of devices today are configured to connect to known networks by default. All the attackers have to do is use a similar name which will connect to their network without your permission.

Home Threats

There is a bit of safety and safety associated with using a home network. This is highly unlikely that the attacker physically invaded your home and replaced your router before hacking into sensitive information. Most attackers target open spaces where there are many unsuspecting victims for their attack. Attackers would opt for a wide pool source of unknowing residents in order to rack up all the information from their victims.

However, there are threats that can be aimed for your home. It is practical for your internet service provider to gain access to your personal information through your network. It was legalized for Internet Service Providers to sell data relating to third parties with your online activities. Even with the declaration by the ISPs, it still remains a cause of concern.

Fun with VPNs

Personal protection is not the main reason many subscribe to the VPN services. This can be odd given the negative effects of VPNs on your upload and download speeds. However it makes more sense.

Trouble at Home

Securing your traffic from third parties is the main aim of a VPN. It is therefore a problem when your traffic can be viewed by other third parties. When living in a smart home, you are bound to encounter problems related to traffic and third parties. See page here!

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